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Camp Soar

What is Camp Soar?


Camp Soar is an annual event hosted by Accord Hospice in White Mountains, and now also in Manhattan, Kansas! 


Camp Soar is a FREE day camp with a care-free, fun, supportive environment where kids (ages 5-16) can set aside the challenges of coping with loss and grief. Camp SOAR offers volunteer Social Workers and Counselors, with our primary goal to provide children the chance to feel like a normal kid and have fun!


This program is for children experiencing any type of loss or change; Death, Illness, Divorce, Moving, Family Estrangement, Addiction.


Camp Soar 2015 Volunteers

Did you or your child attend Camp Soar? Tell us about their experience! Our goal is to make camp better each year!

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Why Camp Soar?

1.5 million children are living in a single-family household because of the death of one parent. One out of every 20 children age 15 and younger will suffer the loss of one or both parents*. (US Census Bureau). Grieving children are at a much greater risk than their peers for depression, suicide, poverty and substance abuse.

The Need...

Camp SOAR makes a profound difference in the lives of grieving children by increasing levels of hope, enhancing self-esteem and by providing positive coping skills.


If you would like more information on Camp Soar, please contact Accord Hospice of the White Mountains or Accord Hospice of Manhattan


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