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Meet Our Leadership

These are the standards upon which we are founded,

and will continue to be the driving force behind all that we do.



To provide and deliver compassionate and superior healthcare

services to our patients, their families, and the communities we serve.



In an ever-changing healthcare arena, our care and services rendered will raise the bar

for an environment of dignity and respect with compassion, integrity, and quality,

in all its dimensions, at the forefront.


Diedra Kearney
Chief Executive Director

As CEO Diedra brings over two decades of experience in a senior health care operations. Diedra works closely with all divisions of Accord Health Group to assure that all efforts are focused on providing the absolute best care to Accord patients. Diedra is active in several healthcare associations and is a facilitator for The Eden Alternative which is focused on changing the culture of care.  

Katie Feil
Senior Vice President, Internal Operations

As SVP, Kathryn provides leadership to office management and regional staff by motivating, directing and supporting the execution of operations relating to marketing, quality care, employee relations, human resources, census growth and overall internal business operations. Kathryn has a strong foundation of experience in marketing and public relations to long term, rehabilitative and hospice care. Passion for quality, an out-of –the-box strategic thinker who can engage all levels of the team in the vision, execution, and outcomes of the business. 

Bobbie Kramm_edited.jpg
Bobbie Kramm
VP of Clinical Services
Susan Turner

VP of Community Programs & Services

In the realm of healthcare, few individuals embody the combination of clinical expertise and nurse management prowess as seamlessly as Bobbie Kramm. 

Recognizing the pivotal role that effective nurse leadership plays in delivering high-quality patient care, Bobbie transitioned seamlessly into nurse management roles. Drawing upon their clinical expertise and innate leadership abilities, they have excelled in guiding and empowering nursing teams to achieve excellence in patient care delivery. Through strategic planning, mentorship, and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability, Bobbie has consistently elevated the standard of nursing practice within their organization.

Keli McHenry
Senior Executive Director

Recognizing that the key to delivering exceptional patient care lies in the strength and capabilities of the healthcare team, Keli McHenry has been a steadfast advocate for staff development and empowerment. Their unwavering dedication to patient-centered care and staff development serves as a testament to their passion, integrity, and commitment to excellence. By investing in the personal and professional development of staff members, Keli has not only fostered a more engaged and motivated workforce but has also elevated the standard of care delivered across the organization.

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